Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Your Accountant Receives Fake Robot IRS Messages Too!

You might be surprised to find out that your own accountant gets loads of threatening messages from the Fake IRS. The truth is, no one is immune. I heard from a friend who works at the IRS that it's a fun hobby in the IRS breakroom to laugh at the Fake IRS voicemail messages that all of the real IRS agents receive.

In this recording, a Robot IRS Agent claims that a warrant has been issued for my arrest and that I'm being monitored by evil robots. I can avoid repercussions for my vague and non-specific tax crimes if I call the Robot IRS Agent back. 

This robot was lurking outside my office. Spying.

I didn't call the Fake IRS back, and neither should you. If you have concerns about messages you've received from the "IRS," please contact me so we can look into it legitimately.